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Shields, Gen
Shields, Frank

Tuesday March 16/43

Dear Fan,

Another quickie, have to leave for Red Cross in 20 minutes. Heres what I want to know - if you have all  your outfit why haven't I received your civies. I bought a wadrobe to put them into.

Mrs Mac called up today to see if you had a permanent post so El could send you the Readers Digest. Mrs Mac says Ned Mildie leaves on the 6:30 tomorrow night (Wed) for Upton. - he is Ruth's brother and El's cousin - Ruth worked in C.C. with Dot but is now in the Waves. He went to Villanova - try and look him up - Dot is down at Elenore's now - spent all day today in bed getting ready for her trip to Georgia. This will be her last opportunity for the duration to stay in bed. I planned on having steak and mushrooms for Dots last meal at home but I hear there is no steak to be bought.

I resumed[?] this morning so went around to the Visitation - was looking around for John but didn't see him. The "Chief" is still assing around the house. Guess he just don't feel like going back to work. Plan on going to Penn station tomorrow night with Dot and Eileen - that is if I'm let.

I got Joe's scarfs embroidered today - cost 2.00 but they look swell. That's how his money goes - 13.27 for scarfs - 2.00 for embroidery names - 15.27  - SOooo that means no money in the bank for him this payday.

Will have to say Bye now - its late

Love from mother

Write when you can.

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