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Shields, Joe
Shields, Frank

Monday 15, 1:30 PM
Dear Frank,

Congratulations, old boy. You took that K.P. like an old trooper. If you hadn't complained I would have know that you didn't like the army. But when you come through in veteran[?] style, I know they'll make a soldier out of you ..... some day!
I see you are liveing in Tent City. How do you like it. I haven't been in a tent yet. You are comeing in the hard way. But at least you are closer to the mess hall than I was. Don't let that K.P. get you down. I've only pulled it 1st. since I've been in. Pretty lucky huh! Another thing Pvt., (you don't mind if I call you pvt, do you, remember this is a Sgt. talking) don't let those "shots" get you down. You took yours a lot better than I did. I was one sick soldier for about 2 hours. Thoes first 3 are the worst. The rest hurt a little when they put that "horse juice" in you. But other wise there is nothing to them. I've had all of mine, 14 in all. I'm getting ready to start all over again. How do you like the "movies". Bit crude a what!! Here is a "Sad Sack", I thought you might enjoy. I went to school with Mike Burns, Frank Staley was six months behind me. Gil Eaton was just ahead of us wasn't he. This is at Grammar school I mean. Gene D. wrote me Frank he is at another camp now, but will be back at Davis soon.
I drew all my Air Corp. equipment Frank, so it won't be long till I take off in the "big hop." I hope its soon. I'll hand up now Frank. write soon, & stay on the ball. Bye now.
Love from the Sgt.

Joe +++

Show that to the boys [arrow pointing to "Love"]

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