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02/25/1943 Vmail

Kirwan, Alfred

Shields, Frank

Was very glad to hear from you & glad to hear everyone is fine. Hope I bump into Joe, & if I do you can bet it will be more than a couple of beers we'll drink on you & Jimmy. Am going to write to Joe to-morrow nite. Tell your mother & father I was asking for them also Dot & the kids. How long has Richie Thornhill been in Officer's Training School? After I get back I think I'll move my bed into a place like Boyle's for a couple of weeks & I'm not kidding either. Fran you should hear some of the jokes they pull over here & they get away with it, also get paid. If Tommy was over here he'd make enough to retire on, he wouldn't even have to try to act. Is Gil in the Army? Tell Eileen I was asking for her also Gil. We get Jack Benny & Bob Hope on once in awhile, Sundays & Fridays. Well Fran guess I'll have to close, remember me to everyone & write soon. Tell Tommy & Kate I was asking for them.

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