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Pelletier, Dot
Shields, Frank

Monday 10:30 PM

Dear Frank:

Needless to say, I've just gotten up after a 2½ hour nap. Brother, this round of fond farewells has just about gotten me in shape for Saranac - or Bklyn State. So I'm loking forward to the Army where I can get some well needed rest - or am I kiddin'? At least I can lead a well-ordered life & brother is my physique yearnin' for that!!

My writing is solely in your behalf - 'cause my better judgement tells me that just as soon as Unk Semyou'll gets wind of this "missile" coming your way he'll rouse you at 4 AM and say, "let's get it on the road boys", and that is what you want isn't it?
Permutations and combinations are all against it, but wouldn't it be great if you headed south - someplace where we could get together & pan this whole outfit. Spent the week-end in Aries[?] (with Helen & Eileen) and got a look at some good Esso maps that Unk Dick filched someplace. Looks like I'm to be in Oglethorpe, a real one-horser, about 50 miles from Macon, the nearest city. And that's just about where Richie is stationed as an MP in the Air Corps:

Pvt R. E. T.
1129th MP Co. (AVN)
Robins Field
Warner Robins,

It's also about 250 miles from Joe but there seems to be plenty of air fields in Ga if he'd only get to them. Incidentally he was to go to the Bahamas on Thurs. with stop-over in West Palm Beach. Boy, he certainly is the khaki aristocrat in this family! And now I'm wondering if he's one of the crew of 7 from Columbia who had to take to their chutes over N.C. on Sat & let the plane crash & explode. What an experience!

The 3 bits of "do" at home this week:

  1. Chief cut his moustache - oh sad, sad, day.
  2. You got a vmail from Al Kirwan. Mother will forward.
  3. We are now just about 3 memories on a beautiful service flag 8"x12" [ drawing of service flag]
  4. I leave 10:30 PM Thurs from Penn. Sta.

So my next will be from camp - oh joy! Hope you're settled in the sunny south by then. Good luck & love.

Dot (A203711)

Mickey Rooney just rejected by Army!

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