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Dembinski, Eugene

Shields, Frank

Yesterday rec'ved your 3-day letter, & learned that you start your rapid rise to a commission Mar. 9th. Won't be able to get out a letter to you before that time, so am writing via postcard. We have finished the 1st 6 weeks of primary basic. Am going to radio school for the remaining 6 wks. 8 hrs. per day, living & eating @ barracks, but no more details, K.P., & such annoyances. Haven't any free time worth mentioning, except Sundays. Teaching us telegraphy, radio voice & telegraph procedure, & the workings of the various superb transmitters & rec'vers that the Army uses. Will be pastime, not work, to be in radio. Will probably find time in near future to write fully. Meanwhile, let me know when you get into, & out of, Upton. Good Luck! - AR (end of transmission & standing by)

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