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Shields, Joe
Shields, Frank

At long last you got around to writeing me. Boy its about time. Now don't go giveing me any excuses. You haven't been going to school, so you have no excuse. You better get into the habit of answering soon Frank. I'm not fooling. Its a sure way of keeping friends. It makes no difference if you  have nothing to say. Just shoot a line of shit. People don't care what you say. Its just hearing from you that they want. This is just a little advice from my book: "How to write letters & loose friends."

So your comeing in! Well its sort of a shock & a plesent surprise all at once. I was sorta hopeing you would stay home. Your going to break Mom's heart, you know that don't you. But you "dooded it" so there is no sence in crying now. All I can say is: the best of luck to you Frank. Ya know, I've always look at you as my kid brother, not looking down on you, mind you. Looking up to you would be more like it. You always had such poise & finess, (slippery ass McCue). I guess it was your brains & will power that I envied most. Gee I wish I had gotten a decent education. But now that you are becomeing one of us, well at last we are on the same level.

For a short while anyhow, I guess it won't be long till your above me though. By God, if you don't get to the top, & fast, I'll come home & punch you silly.

Soy Jay Olive is going in the Marines. Good for him. Sure I know the "dish" Frank. Thats a little "Filly" that lives on Narrows Ave. Some "dish" huh!

I'm not sure who wrote last. Gene or I. But if I'm not too tired when I finish, I'll drop him a line. I've been on Guard all this week, Grave yard shift, 12:30 till 6:30. We have 18 hours off after each shift. But you can't get much sleep in a barracks like this. You did some nice work on thoes pictures Frank, but is it possible that there is dust on the lens. It looks a little cloudy.

Tell Mom that Aunty wrote & sent me a dollar. I also got her letter the other day, but I guess she has my last letter by now. Frank tell Mom I got a cartoon of "butts" from: Julius Aderer, Inc. 115 @ 45th St. N.Y. Who the hell he is I don't know. I guess some one gave him my name. I'll have to write him & find out how come he knows me. Frank is Dot sick, or dead. I have written her 3 letters & have not heard from her once. Tell Mom that I haven't written Mr. Lovett either, because of Guard. But I'll get around to it as soon as possible.

Well Frank, by the time you get set in this Army, I'll be in combat. We'll be leaving here some time in March. I've made out all my paper's & I expect to get my over seas clothes some time next week. I'm to get Staff Sgt. as soon as I get to my P.O.E. So tell Mom I'll be sending home about $100 or $115 per month as soon as my rateing comes through. That won't be till some time in May.

Well sojer, I'm tired, so I'll hit my "fart sack" (bed) again. Bye now & all the luck in the world to you Frank. Just keep your mouth shut, your bowels open & don't volunteer for anything. Your brother



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