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Shields, Joe
Shields, Frank

Dear Frank & family,

It's late boy, lights out in 15 minutes, so I'm writing this fast. I go to Ft. Jackson tomorrow at 4:45 AM. to fire on the rifle range. Then monday we are suppose to go to Myrtle Beach, to qualify as armourer-gunners. So I had to send this card & note tonight. I'll write you from the "beach" & let you know how things are coming. If I go to Eng. school I won't leave here till some time in June, so tell mom not to worry about me going over, not for the time being.

Hows things with you Frank, Everything going right. Don't worry about the army Frank. I hear they are starting to take C.O.R. men the 10th of Feb. So keep your chin up, they'll get to you yet.

Have you heard any more from G. D.? He hasn't written me yet. Well Frank it's late now & I have to be up in the morning, so take it easy.

Happy Birthday brother, & all the luck in the world, to you. Remember, I'm rooting for you Frank, so when they get you come through with a commission for me, will you.

Bye now & God Bless you. Love to all Your brother


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