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Dembinski, Eugene

Shields, Frank

As a soldier of a week's standing, I think the Army life won't be half bad. Of course, the last week hasn't been strictly regulation, and we rookies, (grade: - 1st class) oh, the horror of it all, have time on our hands. In addition we have to withstand a 10-day quarantine, during which we don't drill and occassionally do only a little work "policing" the area around the barracks - "policing" being the gathering, by hand, of matches, butts, scraps of paper, and such debris left lying on the ground.

Out here in Camp Davis, N.C., the warm sun is shining, the atmosphere is a breath of spring, and sand gets into everything. But the climate is worth that 18 hr. train trip (in decrepit coaches) we had to suffer. In addition to getting only fitful periods of sleep, I and my partner had a beautiful freezing breeze pouring down our backs from a hole I put in the train window next to our seats. While we were struggling to tear down the coach seats, in order to rearrange them for making beds, I unintentionally shoved a corner of one of the seats thru the window pane. Well it could have been worse - suppose the whole seat went thru and out!

Nothing of interest happened here at Davis yet. You'll notice from my address:

Pvt. E. Dembinski

Battery E, 510th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft)

Barracks T-405

Camp Davis, N.C.

that Davis is a Coast Artillery organization, but as yet, I haven't been classified for any particular branch of the service, so it doesn't necessarily mean I'll be a gunner after basic training. Perhaps when I meet up with the classifying officer, I can express a choice for Aviation Cadet training. At Camp Upton, I inquired about getting into Av. Cad. train., and they informed that it would be best were I to wait until I reached permanent camp. So in a few days (a week) I'll see what the situation is.

Meanwhile, how's about writing and letting me know what's doing down your neck of the woods?

As one soldier to another soldier, "kwitcherdambellyakin." you'll be here soon too.

Eugene D.

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