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Sherman, Joe

Shields, Frank

Hi Frank,

I guess you have been wondering where the hell I am. I'm attached to a naval air station down here. Right now I'm working around the barracks as a comparment cleaner. For a month I was on the gas and oil detail, plane security - tie down planes. They have us new guys doing everything. Some of the fellows are working in the beach crew - beach planes. Others are in the mess hall. It's pretty good though. We have to take a lot of junk for about a couple of months until we can strike for some rating when an opening occurs. Then it will be really nice and I can learn something about planes. If you get a rating in radio, aviation machinist's mate, aviation metalsmith, you can become a member of a flight crew. You make 50% bonus for your time in the air once you become a member of a flight crew. I'm now getting a 20% bonus for this is considered sea duty or overseas. Don't you send me any money or I'll break your arm.

How did you enjoy yourself the night we went out together. What's your girl friends name I want to put it on the back of the picture. How's school and the reserve. How's your brother, Joe. Where is he? Write soon and tell me what goes. Your pal, Joe Sherman

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