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Kazalski, Fel

Shields, Frank

Dear Frank:

Certainly sounded like a whale??? of a time you had at your cousins and by danged if you're not rested by now I'll grant myself the exclusive authority to think murderous thoughts and the right to follow out my convictions. Although from all outward signs, you should have collapsed in bed, doubled over with a severe attack of "indigestion." (eating two dinners in one day is something but now that I recall past events it isn't unusual with you it's a matter of course. Seems to me you should be well on the road to another "Gill")

Speaking of "Gill," I was somewhat surprised to hear he had been transferred so quickly - Texas at that. V. is a long way from home - I'll bet Eileen V feels it. Guess he proved too much of a patriot to be last in non-combat duty. Watch em "roar by" now.

Well, nothing new or exciting happening this way either. Went to a bingo Fri. night as usual won nothing - not even close. Sat Eileen, Peg & myself went to St. George. You might know, as always, we over did it by far. This time it will take un long temps pour mai to recouperate. We stayed in the gym for 2 1/2 hrs, playing basketball (my lost art) with a bunch of "rough & ready's". Oh  ooh *(astiric). We were taught how to punch a "punching bag," raced mile races on the bicycles, threw the medicine ball around, rowed, jumped ROPE & Lord knows what. Usually you don't realize the strain until the day after. This time I could hardly carry myself from the gym. Of course we went swimming then for another 2 hrs. Monday was all I needed - Everyone at work called me "gimpy."

Another thing, they weren't bluffing when they said I had lost weight. I am happy to inform you 10 lbs have gone to the hinterlands. Where it flew from only I will tell & since I'm the shy-demure type I'll keep it to myself - (not much gussin' huh? - just tryin' to be coy!) Well that's that!

About those tickets - I can get any amount you want for any Sat. game. - The 27th WAS a good day - Pitsburg Pirates - but seein' how they went to pieces, maybe you'd rather pick yourself another day. "Shoot yourself and let me know." And for heavens sake be specific - Let's have definite Instructions. Aye aye Sir.

Bien j'ecrit cetle lettre encore de ma maison de tranille et depuis "temps un wastin" il faut que j'are alee.

So until I hear from you encore, Je suis Votre (crumby french) amie Felicity

Fel to you.

PS I've made no revisions. One thing though I hope you've noticed how largely I wrote. Just another experiment to help keep me out of "situations". F.


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