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Kazalski, Fel

Shields, Frank

Huh -

Some crust - darin to pin on me sick insinuatin turrible phrases. For that I disknow you. No poison can insult my fambily and get away with it. Na. sir ee. Yup' indeed my pap is a huskey man but never let it be said that he wrestled with a hot torch - for anything else but to throw "de bum" out at first. Requiescent in pace (I'm a forgivin sort of a gal)

But to make with the punch line quick in a hurry. "I'm not working yet." -

Analysis and Explanation

I went down Monday - (as they required me to do) - walked in - gave my name [but twice] - and then was called over to a Miss McGlarity's desk. She picked out my application and then proceeded to give me that interview. The very first question she asks me is a lulu.

"You're taking up typewriting in business school - aren't you?" "Gulp" I replied. - "Have you time for a test?" Ouch - right then and there I began to feel uncomfortable - but uncomfortable - for all I know about a typewriter yet. She called a young girl over and told her to take me to one of the offices. Up we trapsed to a place just overflowing with workers. [Here is where my knees decide to play tag with each other.]. Another young woman cordially relinquished her machine. I sat down in her place, was given a piece of paper & told to set it up.  When this was accomplished she handed me the test, looked at her watch and said - "Go". I nearly fell right on the floor. I felt so awfully conspicuous. My hands shook as if I had palsy. Never before in my life did I spell men min, are - aer, people -piople, or business - bisniss. What made it worse was, the typewriter I had was the nearest thing to a junk yard I had ever seen. Every hesitation or mistake I made was as noticable as a scream in the dark.

What an experience [34 words a minute with 20 errors] was I embarrassed. But then what a surprise and dirty trick. Well to go on.

I went back to the personnel dept. and then she proceeded to tell me about the job that's supposedly waiting for me by Friday. Its duplicating records. I'd do a bit of bookeeping - math and then write most of the day. She explained that it was a very boresome and responsible job. The reason she said they picked out my application was because I had a good handwriting and presumably a good head. Naturally I agreed with her. - Oh!

She also remarked that an elderly woman and myself would be the only girls in the bank [A den of hungry wolves]. By, the way it's about a 15 minutes ride from my home. (Church Avenue & Flatbush).

I hope it goes through. Mom puts a wet blanket on it by saying that "When they say they'll let you know - you wait".

Here's keeping my fingers crossed. I've already quit day school admist many storms and am pretty sure I'll start this Thurs. night.

Well that's that and for the time being I'm a lady of leisure. Playing baseball one day and rope the next . . . . That's right - the kids [all nine year olds] ganged up on me and played on my good nature to turn rope for them. I felt silly, but it pleased them and thats what counts _ _ Gotta keep up my good name ye know. Dad again insisted that I go a few rounds with him. This time I ripped one of my  finger nails. [ He nurses it with proud & loving care. - Mom says "Serves you right." What are you going to do with a family like that?]

I'm really beginning to feel these workouts in my shoulder. But dad has his remedies. "What - got a kink? - Oh just twist the old arm this way and that way etc." by the time I'm finished , I've got - - lord knows what.

Last Sunday I saw my cousin receive his first Holy Communion through half closed lids [2 hrs sleep]. However it was impressive and he looked so awfully "holy" - - & cute. That afternoon I finished my mission [ by all rights I shouldn't be writing to you - - - men ugh. -] (it's funny how things like that make you blue - unless I was in a rare mood). Immediatement apres le sermon je suis allee a la chapel et lit those candles pour vous. (I tried les dommen[?] a ma mere - mais elle a dit eclarer les candles instead, and beein as I'm an obeyin [said with ??] child - I did.

So the're out to get pal Joe - again. Well more power to him. If I know Joe (even if its only one tiny hair on his head) he'll make a darn good soldier. He's like Chet in one way - beefs about how he won't do a thing and then turns around and does it at his best. Some people you just can't figure out and he's one of them but a nice one.

Hey Joe - did you finish painting the sidewalk yet? And how did you enjoy that farewell party? Deserter!

Well as far as that baseball game between the "stooges" and the "bloomer girls" goes - I'm afraid - well it just ain't. I didn't get much of a chance to make plans and I doubt if we'll be able to count on G.G. and Walter A. because they live so far out. Besides I don't think G.G. was very keen on it. I guess it will have to be between the Brooklyn gang - We'll talk about that when we get together again. I'm still for it and Eileen and Peg are rarin to go. If you need any sort of inducement for Joseph tell him that dinner's in the bargain. Help - no pushin.

Well Frank here's my stop. I however will make it abruptly instead of torchering you with a _ _ _ _ una joke [ no reflections]

So until next time. I am your friend Fel

PS Mom can't get over the length of our letters. Only having seen you Sat. too. But you know we very seldom get a chance to really talk together.

Then too I never thought I could say so little in so much

Which reminds me - never mind I changed my mind. - Nothin' like keepin you guessin.  Bye again.

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