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Kazalski, Fel

Shields, Frank

Dear Frank, Well you beat me to it again.  - Just when I was going to break down that semingly impregnable barrier concerning my letter writing. .. Yep, I was actually going to write first _ against my better judgement and personal philosophy. It was needless. When I received your letter it veritably floored me. In fact I had to think for three solid days before I even dared to attempt answering it. But here I am perhaps a  trifle at a loss of what to say but trying my best to put it over.

First of all Frank [to jump off the deep end - and I hope, not over my head.] you must realize that I could never find it in me to tell anyone what was wrong with them. I'm in no position myself, to denote such things, for in order to help someone to be perfect I'm afraid I'd have to be perfect myself and I'm far from that - believe me.

Another thing - that which I would probably consider a disadvantage and maybe even a defect would be to you one of the highest of virtues. Basically that could never be, but speaking from a social standpoint it often happens. For instance your seriousness. - It's just your nature to be so and heaven or hell could never break that trait in one snap.

I know Frank, that, as you say, coming into contact with other people and conventions, will undoubtedly be the only remedy for what you believe you need most. Perhaps if we could all take life less seriously we would be far happier, instead of groping for what we can't explain and insisting that others grope too. Perhaps Joe is your greatest example. - Why does everyone like him - because he's natural . Sometimes he doesn't realize he aggravates people but its this unconscious thoughtlessness that makes you like and enjoy him. You can forgive him for practically anything - - But as far as you're concerned Frank you are one of those few fellows [and there are many] whom I know I could believe wholeheartedly. Doubting your word would be rather difficult. Its this sincerity,which is a rare trait in a fellow, that endears you to us all.

However I'm almost afraid Frank that you will be hurt. For hasn't it always been those whom you think most of that do the hurting. I should hate like the devil to ever have [you] think less of me but serious thinking seems to have harbored itself inside of me and that's where I should like most to keep it at present. I hope and pray, that pedestal you've erected won't crumble.

Perhaps the best thing for me to say is not to be such a worrysome guy over how you are striking people. It's the greatest asset in the world to be natural. And Frank if you really proved irksome, do you think that I'd continue seeing you? For that matter, all of us?

Try to understand when I say writing what I did _ was rather difficult. Never before have I been called upon to write so seriously. I hope I've not made a mistake.

Well at this point I believe going to a lighter trend is rather forceful on my part. Little did I think that I would ever permit myself to become "knee-deep" in letter writing. It has always been, more or less, a policy of mine to write a light and humorous letter - Oh well!

To begin where I should have begun, I must say that I could have choaked you for writing that little story about your cousin Alfred the way you did. You had me gasping & oh's aring[?] & goshing all the way through. I even said to mom "Huh, you think you have troubles wait till you here this." - Some relief when, the true course of events came to light. Crumb that you are for leading an innocent girl on!

I can't believe I'll ever forgive you for falling asleep during that Giants - Dodger game. For that I'll drag you to the park with me someday and make you sit through one of those those[?] games. Ok. what punishment. Boy. O.K.?

I saw Peggy's mother get married Wednesday. It seemed strange calling her Mrs. Haleran. We went to the reception afterwards and had a swell time. I sat beside a senator. Some class. Hm. I wonder, now, did I zoop my soup. One thing riles me though I didn't catch the brides bouquet - I guess that fortune teller was full of marlarky - or something.

Chet went back Wednesday afternoon. So I had a holiday. In fact I took two, Tues. & Wed. Tuesday we went bowling - now hold your hat & don't get excited. I was the most unhappy person about it all. Listen now I bowled a splendid 72 & an excellent 81 - While mon frere did 176 - 193 - Ouch - how that hurt. I received the worse ribbing of my life. But I grit my teeth & agreed with everything. Gee what else could I do. Some disgrace.

He was really very anxious to meet you people. Everytime the doorbell would ring he'd say "Is that those bunch of jitterbugs?" & then feel disappointed when Peggy would say no this is someone else. But he said if you fellows were all right with me you were OK with him. So I guess your in solid. He's coming up again some time in June. & he claims I had better have you over or submit myself to a broken neck. There's just no way out. - he's some tough customer.

Well I've been at this now for two solid hours and my hand is rather weary. So until I see you soon,

I am your friend Felicity

PS Come around anytime you feel the urge. Your always welcome Frank. I should say that all of you are welcome.

By again Fel

PPS - again. - I hope nothing I've said has offended you. For I'd be one miserable person if I thought that I had mixed you up. - Let's hope not.

Your friend with the pen with the droop.

Felic or Felix or Frasty or Fiscasity or Philadelphia or name your own.

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