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Kazalski, Fel

Shields, Frank

Dear Frank

When you said, a while ago, that you liked to write a "plentiful letter" you meant it, - didn't you. T'was a letter and a half and it took me all during supper time to read ... admist the annoying exclamations of .. "put it down - your supper's getting cold," but such are mothers - wonderful. I'm afraid though Frank, you're going to spoil me - not that I'm not already , but it just isn't good for me, so the experts say.

It was good to hear that everyone had a nice time Sunday. Little did I think it would turn into such a gathering. Everyone was great to me. It really was fun.

Remember G. G. promised me some drawings? (secondary to your masterpiece though). Well I got them. He depicted me on Easter Sunday and darn if he didn't get the shoes, hat & bag (the snazzy ones) down to a tea [ or is it T?]. Which reminds me - I'm going to invest in a pocket dictionary - know why? You certainly keep me busy perusing those pages - an excellent brain duster. Which again reminds me (fool that I am for letting you know about it.) remember the word "matriculate" - well you were right as usual - It means to enroll - as in a college. Enough professor!

Before I go much further - let's get Friday night down pat. You'll call for me at about 8:15 - for Peggy too.  One thing more "Why save Gene trouble, you have double your share."

There is something else I wanted to remember .. Oh yes, your card ... it was beautiful. Thanks so much Frank.

I'm surprised to hear that Helen S. figures Joe out. He certainly is a puzzle to me. I can't make him out at all. Dual personality mystery man. [unknown]

Just to use an all too familiar battle cry ... "Chem, oops I mean Steno. is staring me in the face (some of my marvelous subtile sarcasm and as it is I'm 1/2 week behind schedule ... Oh excuses, excuses, how I loath excuses. Oh well such is life.

Soo - -

Until then - When? Oh then - I'm your friend

(an apprentice one at that)


PS Who was it that said (in some effect) "Follow out your convictions."

PPS I'm afraid this doesn't half come up to your writing standards but gee - I tried.

PPPS Another "loathful" excuse - "The pen was crumby." -


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