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Letter Duffy, John
Shields, Frank

Well Frank I believe it is finally here my day of departure from this hole. I cannot tell  you the exact date because that is a violation of the instructions given me but it is very soon.

I called my mother last evening & she said that you and Mandy are going March 3. If this is so I wish you the best of luck in your new approaching army life. You will find it a bit trying & boring but on the whole a lot of fun.

Recently I went to the rifle range & also had machine gun practice. We used Thompson automatic guns. The rifles were 30 caliber Enfield rifles - a very powerful weapon with not too much kick however.

Frank give my best regards to Eugene in all your letters. He is a swell fellow and we all want him to know that we are all thinking of him.

Frank I want to thank you for the letter because boys in the service sure appreciate them from their friends at home.

As I write this letter I am looking forward to a very unpleasant day at tent pitching so I shall have to go to bed early. I shall close now wishing you the best of luck and hopeing that you & yours are in the best of health. Your true friend.
   Johnnie D.

PS Don't write here but to my home & my mother will send the letter to me with others.

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