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10/19/1944 Letter Shields, Gen
Shields, Frank

Mon Oct 16/44 [Written in Frank's hand; remainder is in Gen's]

The latest from Joe -> Miami Beach Fla.

[See Doc #112, Joe's 10/16/44 letter to Gen & Chief].

Now what do you think of your whirlwind brother. His heart sure healed fast. Think from that SAGE head of yours you could dare to write him some advice - I'm not saying to him don't but I do wish he'd take time to be sure of both himself and the gal. Had a note from Susie this AM, after her return to Ga - Says it's the first time she felt like shedding tears at heaving to go back, but at this point figures they're all war weary. He[r?] Cap't has been sent to Atlanta[?], Ga for a couple of months so has to wait her return to see if she can be transferred to the Second Service Command, but which she holds out little hopes of ever getting.

Well Fan there's not much new on the home front - Hear Connors is at a rest camp. He sure must be battle weary by now.

Me and Gladys roll bandages for the Red Cross Wed nites at St. Anselm's - had your change of address taken care of at the Tablet[?] office.

Still  praying for you, Love from Mother

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