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03/09/1943 Postcard Shields, Frank
Shields, Gen

Dear Mom: Was about a 2 hr. trip coming out. And about a 40 min. ride on the bus. There's about 20 of us fellows here. First thing we did was eat. Roast beef, potatoes, cabbage, applesauce, bread, gravy, and sugarless coffee. At chow time I met Gil Eaton, From St. Francis, & Mike Burns, St. John's b, both former Michaelmen. After chow we got some tags & went for a short med. inspection. The real thing comes later. Right now we're biding our time in a long tent here, reading, drinking coke, and taking life easy. It's only 2:15 so I don't know what's in store for us. Guess we'll get our GI issue in about 3 days. No address yet. Let you know more later. Can't telephone.

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