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Kazalski, Fel

Shields, Joe

Well, thank goodness the Holidays are finally dispensed with. That running around is swell but boy it certainly feels good to know what a bed feels like again. As usual the New Year was going to be greeted in a quiet sort of way. Just Peg, Eileen & I  to celebrate & cry in our "lonesome" beers. But no - it didn't turn out that way. We all got together - [Frank, Gene, John Acer, Denham, John Dembinski, & Joe O. - Eileen, Peg, Dolores, Martha & myself.]] at our house and I think had a pretty good time of it. We remembered the previous year and all admitted that we never shall see as wonderful a time again. But heck - why live in the past. Somehow it's not worth it. Too much reminicing. Anyhow to get on - New Years Day we three girls decided to go calling - (as everyone told us "It just ain't kosha") - Soo we first trapsed over to Gene's. (had dinner there) Then - to our surprise - Frank & Joe O. walked in - so we went on from there together. Our first stop was to see John Collon - he was ill with bronchitis. You could never immagine the look of complete horror on his face when we girls walked head long into his boudoir (or somethin' - bedroom to you) <- to me too!). After he had recovered from the shock we proceeded to hold a gab fest for the next three - I'm a liar - it was two -hours. Noting his appearant fatigue we excused ourselves and made way to that "time honored domicile" - The Shields Residence. Your Mom - Vi & Betty were in - and as usual we enjoyed ourselves immensly. I had a fine time trying on ski boots - Jackets & caps - I was all set to go skiing - over N. Years but my job held me back - Next time maybe.

(We're short on good writing paper - There just ain't no more)

Well - we would up that evening eating Pitzz at Rex's on 86th St & Fourth Ave. We met Ronnie there - She certainly is turning into one pretty young lady. Yumm. -

(I'll bet this seems like pretty old news to you buy now. but it's still nice & fresh in my mind.)

Excuse - while I continue to ramble! - That following Monday Gene D. had his farewell party. - [I just got a card from him _ he's now at Upton going through the wringer.] G.G. was there in all his glory. He's still the happiest fellow I know. Really - it was like old times - anyhow the nearest thing to it.

Well, Joe that about covers everything at a quick glance. - Peg & Eileen send their usual rememberences - (They haven't changed a bit - except - Peg's a year older now. ) & Mom just told me to say "Hi" for her. - Keep em flying -

Until soon again - I am - affectionately yours, Fel

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