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Doyle, Peggy

Shields, Joe

Home - 11:00 PM (tired too)

Dear Joe,

At last I've really gotten down to doing one of those things I've been meaning to do "in my spare time" (please note sarcasm.) As  you see it's pretty late (no don't get excited, I'm not going to leave so soon. Don't think you can get off that easy. You're stuck you've got to listen.) Whew! All that in one breath. The pace is killing me!

Anyhoo - I started to tell you that I just got in from work and had my supper (#2), listened to a prize-fight (on the radio of course) - (We don't do that here any more. Its too much of a mess to clean up afterwards!) when this idea of writing struck me and knocked me down on a chair with pen and paper in front of me. So what was to do? I had to write, the temptation was too great (more sarcasm). Seriously though I've been kept pretty busy here of late.

I'm still going to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights & home work. Also I've been working overtime quite a bit lateley and weekends well you know how it is, they just fly by leaving you in a daze for days.

Christmas was pretty nice only I'm kinda in the dog house over it. I went over to Eileen's Christmas eve and missed exchanging gifts after midnight Mass because I stopped at Fel's. That wasn't enough it seems. I had to go and forget my perfunctory New Year's visit next door. I do feel bad about it. Christmas didn't seem the same.

I suppose this is only one of the many things which all added up to spoil it in a way.

Among other things there was one big factor, I think I mentioned to you before that Brud (Donald) was planning to get married after he finished Officer's Training. Well, He came home on the 18th of December and according to the law Evelyn Mayer was made Mrs. C.D. Doyle Dec 20th. Need I say more? I think you've guessed what I'm driving at. That's right. He was "married" by her minister. Of course this put the damper on everything since it was very unexpected.

Gosh Joe I'm sorry, this letter has turned out to be a sob story and I wanted to avoid that. You've got enough to be concerned about yourself without listening to my woes.

How goes everything with you, soldier. Say that picture you sent Fel certainly is a honey. Honestly its so lifelike I had to turn it to the wall New Year's eve when we were going to be at Fel's.

Gee we missed you this year, Frank, Gene D., Helen, John Acer, Gene's cousin & his girl friend and Denham (remember him, you met him at the beach?) and Fel, Eileen & myself all congregated at Fel's to see the New Year in. We missed that handsome? grin and snappy come-back of your so we took "you" off the piano and put "you" between the bay window in the livingroom. The following Saturday night Eileen & I wanted to take "you" to Helen's brother's farewell party, but Fel wouldn't let us. She said you'd probably get messed up with beer at the bar or somebody'd hit you with a dart. I'd be insulted if I were you. Why anyone would think you couldn't take care of yourself if they heard that.

She didn't do so well herself as I remember. On the way to the "Culver" Jack Moran said "I can see I'm going to have my hands full with the three of you!" We had just decided to make it a hilarious party. Fel chimed in at that moment with "Let's fool him and stay 'stober' (sober) - and with that she was down on all fours climbing hand over hand up the curb of east 2nd St.

Last Monday night we went to Gene D's farewell party (I played hooky). The first thing that struck us as we entered the door was the sight of GeneG.  whom we haven't seen since your party going through his antics to the tune of a hot record as if he'd never been missing. It certainly was a sight for sore eyes. He is getting a commission in the Navy soon. He's in the reserve.

Well, Joe, I think it's about time I wandered off to bed. As you have probably noticed I'm gettin' groggy. Be good.

Tout m'amour et assez de bonne fortune a vous.

Translation - All my love and lots of good luck to you.


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